Friday, December 24, 2010

Rachna Shah - Details and Picture Gallery

Rachna Shah, the youthful, enchanting damsel with sultry looks and charming innocence is a powerhouse of talent and has created a raving impact in the world of art and serious cinema.

Rachna Shah is the only Indian actress whose two films are being screened at Cannes. The films are “The Last Monk” by Sudipto Sen and Nine Emotions (Navarasa) by Santosh Sivan.

Hailing from M.P., Rachna is B.E (Computers) from Pune Institute of Computer Technology. She is trained in Kathak, Odissi, Bharatnatyam and has a great flair in languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Bengali.

Rachna has been privileged to work with the likes of topnotch directors like Santosh Sivan, who in recent times has acquired that magical quality which make all actors yearn to work under his baton. She is proud that her film namely “Nine Emotions” (Navarasa) after been screened at Tusan festival, is screening at Cannes.

Rachna is riding high having won accolades and mass ovation for her English film “The Last Monk” directed by Sudipto Sen. She has proven to be a lucky mascot as this film too is being screened at Cannes.

The other films of Rachna include: Bengali film titled ANDHKAROR SHABD – (Sound of Darkness) directed by Ashok Vishwanathan, a song Sequence in MEENAXI – A Tale of Three Cities directed by M.F.HUSSAIN. She has portrayed the strong role of the protagonist in DHARINI (Malayalam), directed by Susant Mishra and in addition Rachna has also performed the lead role in KAALACHAKRAM (Malayalam), directed by Sonu Sisupal and so on.

Rachna Shaw speaks about various things. Excerpts…

Getting into glamour world:
I always dreamt of being an actress for as long as I can remember. I would get into the shoes of every character in every film I saw and wonder how I could play it better. Its funny you call it Glamour world but it’s a lot of hard work. The Glamour is only skin deep I think.

Quote on 2 screenings at Cannes:
I am on a great high. You are representing the Indian fraternity of filmmakers and your talent is on display in the world scenario. That’s a huge responsibility. Thru a few chosen films from India, world sees what Indian sensibilities are about different subjects. So I feel very proud.

As regards Directors:
I would like to work with directors, who would make films straight from their heart and don’t care about anything but to make a good Film. Also am pretty tired of seeing remakes or concoctions.

As regards films:
May be black humor or thriller. May be something dark. But an actor’s career is as unpredictable as the weather bureau. Not everything is under your control.

Your desires:
I would like to position myself as an honest, sincere actor. I have this insatiable desire to do all kind of roles, all genres. I want each work to be different than my previous. I will try my best not to get trapped in my own style of acting.

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