Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prachi Desai's Fake Orkut ID

The Entire Article is Taken from Midday

Prachi Desai who is only active on social networking website Facebook recently found out that someone was impersonating her on Orkut.

Her impersonator has also posted personal pictures and information about her, leading people to believe that the account is authentic.

Someone I know
Prachi, who insists she has never even visited Orkut ever, is irritated the impersonator is chatting with childhood friends and fans. The irritated actress says, "Whoever this person is, he/she knows me very well as he/she has lifted all my personal pictures from the Facebook album and posted them on Orkut. It was only recently that I learnt that someone had stolen my identity."

Copied quite recently
Prachi's non-filmi friends have accounts on Orkut and they were surprised to find the actress there. "I recently took my sister to Cape Town while shooting for Life Partner and recently uploaded the photographs that I clicked there, on my Facebook account. And within days, those pictures were on Orkut."

How do I explain it?
But Desai is no longer taking this matter lightly, "The fake person chatted with a friend of mine and asked her about her mom's health. My friend lost her mom a while back, and this was very insensitive. I am really angry. It was embarrassing when I met her and had to give her an explanation."

The actress plans to lodge a complaint with the Cyber Cell, " I want to stop this person from passing on fake information about me to my friends. I definitely don't want to take this lightly. The only real account of me is on Facebook."

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